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Condições de Utilização




  • How do I do to order for the first time in Castro Electrónica’s webshop?

Before placing the first order, you should register in our webshop. The registration is simple and quick process. You should add the products you want to the shopping cart. Once you have all of the desired items in the cart, you just have to finish the order indicating the invoicing and delivery addresses as well as the shipping method. For security reasons, the payment against reimbursement isn’t available.

Minimal value per order (Online Clients): 10,00€ (VAT incl.)

Minimal value per order (Resale Clients): 50,00€ (VAT incl.)


  • Until what time can I place an order so it is sent the same day?

The orders finished until 14:00 (2:00PM) will be sent on the same day. After that hour, we cannot assure the shipment on the same day. The expedition is always made by queue of arrival.


  • Can I change the items and the quantities from the order?

You must contact us so we can change the order. If the order is still in our premises, we’ll make the changes.


  • What happens if I pay for an order and the quantity is not enough?

If this happens, we’ll contact you so we can agree the best solution by replacing the items or keeping the value in credit so it can be discounted in the future.


  • How can I clarify any doubt regarding my order?

At any moment, if you have any doubt regarding the order, please, contact us by email to encomendas@castroelectronica.pt.


  • Order pickups in stores?

  • Mozelos Warehouse: we only accept online orders in our warehouse (except Sound & Light items which can be demonstrated and acquired in the warehouse).
  • (Any orders below 50,00€ (VAT incl.) will have a payment extra fee of 1,25€;)
  • Oporto Store: we can accept any request from the clients visiting us there as well as online orders pick up point.
  • Product Prices

There are 2 types of prices: Store Price and Online Price. In the event you don’t want to place an online order and prefer to be attended on the counter, you’ll be asked the Store Price. In this case, we advise you to place an online order so the items get booked in advance and take advantage of the extra discount and place the payment in store.

“Preços-BOMBA” are only applied in orders placed through our website, otherwise we’ll apply the Store Price or, if you are already a client, it will be the already given price list.


  • VAT

All prices shown include VAT at the legal rate. If you already have Reseller price list, after login, the presented prices don’t include VAT.


  • Stock

There can be errors in stock in Castro Electrónica. You must confirm the availability of any product before coming to any of our stores (Mozelos/Oporto).


  • Product Images

Due to some changes in our suppliers ou manufacturers, the images in our website might not be the correct ones. The specifications will always be updated.




  • Who is the forwarder and how long does it take to deliver?

The delivery is made by CTT Expresso, NACEX or GLS. The orders are delivered until 13.00h (CTT Expresso) or 19:00h (NACEX or GLS) of the next working day for Portugal (Continental) and 3 to 5 working days for the regions of Azores and Madeira.


  • What is the delivery time?

The products are supplied on the indicated times presented in our website. Excluded are any cases of, for example, immediate stock ruptures of any items or delivery failings with the delivery companies.


  • What happens if the items arrived broken?

Every item we send are packed with extra care and are well protected inside boxes with air and bubble bags. If you notice that the packages are damaged or without our tape, as well as there is a missing belt, you should immediately contact us and we’ll let you know the procedures you should consider with the delivery person.


However, if, after accepting or opening the order, you detect any damage caused by the transport, you’ll have to contact us by email in the same day with a full description of the damages and pictures of the problems, damaged box, in-box protection and with the transport label.


If this procedure is not followed, Castro Electrónica will decline any responsibility.


  • What is the shipping cost?

Check here


  • Which payment options do I have?

Payment methods for sending the Online orders:

You can settle your orders’ secure payment through on of the following methods: Multibanco, VISA/MasterCard/American Express Credit Card, PayPal or cash on delivery.


  • Multibanco

Payment with Entidade (Entity)/Referência (Reference) through “Compras e Serviços” in your bank website or via ATM. If you pay by Serviços MB there is no need for sending the transfer proof and amount becomes immediately available so we can send your order.


  • VISA/MasterCard/American Express Credit Card

Paying with a credit card is 100% secure in Castro Electrónica®. The platform used for this kind of payment is PayPal which offers one of the best securities in the world. This payment will imply a fee of 3% for associated administrative costs.


  • Paypal

By selecting PayPal, you’ll be redirected to the PayPal webpage so you can place the payment through your PayPal account. This payment will imply a fee of 3% for associated administrative costs.


  • Against Reimbursement

You can pay your order to the forwarder when receiving it. The payment should be made in cash to the courier.


Payment methods for store orders:

You can place the payment in our shops in cash or Multibanco TPA (Debit or Credit Card). We do not accept checks as payment method.


  • In Cash

Place your payment in our store in cash. We do not guarantee change for bills of 200€ and 500€.


  • Multibanco TPA Terminal

In our stores, when placing the payment of your order (minimum: 5€), you can use the Multibanco Terminal where you can use Debit or Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard).




The following are the terms of the legal arrangement between the Client and Castro Electrónica®. By accessing, navigating and using our online shop (www.castroelectronica.pt) the Client acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agrees with all our Terms of Use.


Castro Electrónica® can change these terms at any given moment without noticing the client as revising the Terms should be a regular norm by the client.



Resolution of contracts in the distance orders (placed through www.castroelectronica.pt)?

For distance shopping (made online and received by forwarder), the Portuguese Law gives the client a period of 14 days (usually know as reflexions period) after the date of the invoice, during which he/she can return the goods without a need of indicating a reason.

In the cases of free Contract Resolution, the return shipping costs are on the client as stipulated on the no. 2 of the article 13th of Law Decree nº 24/2014, dated from February, the 14th.



Contract Resolution (Returns) – Purchases made in our stores?

For the purchases made directly in our stores, contrary to what happens on the distance shopping, the Portuguese Law does not establish the obligation for the selling company (Castro Electrónica) to accept the Contract Resolution (return) if the item is in conformity. In that case, we’ll only accept any returns/changes if the items have any factory defect.


Note: for the picking up of orders in the commercial space resulting from reserves or purchases previously made through the Online Store (payment in physical store), the legislation that governs purchases made directly in the commercial space will be applied, not counting, this way, as a purchase made by distance.



1. Return/Change accepting conditions

Even if we accept returns/changes in the first 14 days in the purchases by distances (as described above), the returns goods will only be accepted if they respect the following conditions:


  • 1.1. The returned items must be in perfect shape without any signs of use/defect.
  • 1.2. The items must be returned with its original box, manuals and any accessories, all in perfect shape and without any signs of use/defect.
  • 1.3. The purchase invoice for that item has to be sent along with the item itself.

In the event any of the above points are not followed, we might not accept the return (and consequent reimbursement) or trade.



2. Product not accepted for return/trade:

Except for technical anomalies, there are articles that by their nature cannot be accepted for returns/exchanges.


  • 2.1 No exchanges or returns of earphones/headphones/headsets, batteries, memory cards, external disks, semiconductors, line transformers or flybacks, laser optics, welding, consumables/wear products or software are accepted.
  • 2.2 No exchanges or returns of televisions, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, smartwatchs or tablets that have the branded packaging seals broken will be accepted.


SPECIAL CUSTOMER REQUEST: After Castro Electrónica orders a product(s) from the supplier(s) at the special request of a customer, it is not responsible for the non-satisfaction of the product(s) and will automatically refuse its return since there has been information/acceptance/agreement on the characteristics/specifications of the product(s).



3. Ways of Reimbursing the Returns:

If you want the refund on Online purchases, the same will be done through the same way of the initial payment. CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® will refund the amount paid for the article as soon as the technical verification of the condition of the product and verification of compliance with the conditions described above (Point 1) is carried out.



4. Beginning the Return/Trade process:

To start the return / exchange process simply go to one of the CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® stores with the article and your invoice, or, if you do not have this possibility, you must initiate an RMA request on the form in your reserved area in the online store (www.castroelectronica.pt), mentioning in the cause of the malfunction. Subsequently you must send the article via carrier to the warehouse/HQ (Z.I. DO FUNDÃO – RUA NOSSA SENHORA DE FÁTIMA, 385 – 4535-217 MOZELOS).
If the article is in conformity, the value of the postage of the return will be borne by the consumer.



What is not covered by warranty?

The shipping costs for returning the items to us.
Damage caused by improper or abusive use.
Damage caused by transport outside the original packaging.
Damage caused by poor protection of equipment.
Equipment opened by entities other than CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA®.
Equipment that has been attempted to repair, or even repaired, outside our service facility.


That being the case, CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® gives no warranty neither takes responsibility for any equipment that is damaged due to poor handling, installation or configuration. Also any changes to the original product invalidate the warranty.




The products sold by CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® in its online store and commercial spaces are covered by the legal guarantee scheme. Before purchasing a property, keep in mind the following points on this page:


  1. 1. CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® is merely a Distributor;
  3. 2. All products sold by CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® are not manufactured by CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA®. At the time of sale, CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® passes to the Customer the guarantee of these same products;
  5. 3. Some products are marked with a warranty period longer than stipulated by law, which is 2 years. After 2 years, the warranty process will have to be handled directly between Customer and the Manufacturer;
  7. 4. In laptops, each manufacturer may offer only 1 year warranty. Consult us before the purchase, to be sure of the battery warranty period of the laptop you are looking for;
  9. 5. In case of difficulty installing / using a product, start by making sure that you follow all the instructions contained in the Manufacturer's Instruction Manuals, including the installation and use of the appropriate software. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer directly or contact our technical department;
  11. 6. In cases of RMA, CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® undertakes to give its best in order to have its product exchanged as soon as possible, but the Customer must bear in mind that the process does not depend exclusively on the seller (CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA ®). All products entering our RMA facilities are tested and shipped as soon as possible. Thereafter, the process becomes the responsibility of manufacturers and suppliers;
  13. 7. In the case of discontinued products, the exchange may be made for a product equivalent to or higher than the one currently on the market, however, this exchange is solely the responsibility of the supplier / manufacturer. A credit note can also be made so that the customer can later purchase another item (s) in our store (s);
  15. 8. RMA requests are made on the Customer reserved area form. Failure to comply with the procedures described in this section will lead to the return of the product at the expense of the Customer;
  17. 9. Please note that any changes to the original product INVALIDATES YOUR WARRANTY. For example: removing stickers with serial number or other type of warranty label, tampering with VMODS, improper installation of heatsinks in graphics and memories, processors and motherboards with broken pins, incomplete products, etc. In all these cases the RMA is immediately REFUSED;
  19. 10. Regardless of whether or not the equipment is warranted, when it is repaired and no malfunction is detected, or if it has been caused by misuse, a fee may be charged to cover logistical costs;
  21. 11. In no case shall CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® be liable for any partial or total loss of data, programs or software installed on the products delivered for repair;
  23. 12. The deadline for the removal of equipment for repair is 30 days after the registration of the document, otherwise the material is considered abandoned under the terms of article 1267 / 1a of C.Civil, reason why CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® ceases to be responsible for the integrity of the equipment. As soon as it is considered abandoned, the holder is obliged to pay as a penalty clause the amount of 2.5 Euro for each day of delay in the withdrawal. After 3 years from the date of the respective document and, pursuant to article 1299 of the Civil Code, the material will become property of CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® as usucaption. In case of debt, CASTRO ELECTRÓNICA® has the right to retain all the material in its facilities until it is fully liquidated.







Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. | Castro Electrónica Declines any responsibility for any errors published on the site.

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